EMT - Social Tree Media

Social Tree Media is a turnkey and completely customizable transactional marketplace digital infrastructure.


Social Tree Media

The Social Tree Media platform is optimized for rapidly building a unique, ‘hyper-local’ business transaction presence in any specific community.

Years of field testing our approach to modern grassroots marketing and branding campaigns has resulted in an easy-to-implement business template that catapults hyper-local product and service transactions to their highest potentials by reaching new customers and getting those customers to return time and time again.

EMT - Social Tree Media - Living Huntington Division

As a case study, the Living Huntington division of Social Tree Media (a thriving consumer transactions community in Long Island, NY with over 25,000 users and 100+ merchants onboarded) showcases the unique power of this platform.

Social Tree Media’s easily customizable digital infrastructure empowers our clients to quickly establish a noteworthy Internet presence in any town/city and rapidly position their business as a community thought leader capable of building a steady stream of local website traffic genuinely interested in the products being offered and ready to convert to sales.

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