Personalized Ad and Content Engagement – Forge One-to-One Customer Relationships with Real-Time Personalized Video!


78% of CMOs think personalized content is the future of marketing.” — Yahoo Advertising Solutions, 2014

AdGreetz is the world’s leading video personalization platform, empowering brands to build stronger customer relationships and increase (ad and “messaging”) engagement, activation and revenue by deploying never-before-available, relevant, one-to-one personalized video messages, utilizing brand, social, third-party, geo/browser and user-generated data, delivered on the Internet and mobile

It’s Like Having a Personal Relationship With Every Customer!

AdGreetz video ads are personalized to each person they are served to — the ads actually speak an individual’s name and can include other personal information like where they live, provided that data is already available to the advertiser.

These ”smart” personalized video messages generate 50-500 percent higher engagement and activation than traditional email/outdoor/print/POP/banner ads or one-size-fits-all video/commercials because of their relevance to the recipient and compelling and rich personalization.

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