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EMT – Engagement Media Technologies

Are you ready to supercharge your engagement strategy?

Marketing meetings these days are full of tech-tinged buzzwords.

Digital. Mobile. Crowdsource. Social. Engage. Activate. UGC. In-Venue. Real-Time. Geolocation. Beacon. Targeting. Couponing. Second screen. Graphic rendering. Personalized ads and content. Data capture. Hashtags. Amplify. Conversion.

EMT has harnessed the power of these technological advancements and arranged them into a full suite of Engagement, Marketing and Research solutions.

Our forward-thinking platforms and applications have been designed from the ground up to answer the specific needs of brands, publishers, research firms and other organizations looking to leverage the full capacity of real time, in-venue, point of experience, geo-enhanced, and highly personalized ad/content engagement opportunities which exist in the mobile/social landscape.

Whether your goals are market research, market analysis, market intelligence and/or other computer/mobile/digital marketing and promotion services - you will want to learn more about our Axcess software platform and its related app, which is commonly referenced as The App That Makes You Money™, The App That Makes You Famous™ and/or The Phone That Makes You Money™.

Use any single piece of our innovative digital tool-set as a standalone - or bundle several of our complementary solutions together to augment value and achieve maximum results.



We regularly work with some of the most
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An Overview of the Major EMT Platforms and Applications…


Axcess - EMT - Engagement Media Technologies


Learn what happens at the point of experience -- while it’s still happening!

Axcess is a mobile solutions platform that empowers Brands, Advertisers (Brand Marketers), Research Firms and other organizations to reach consumers directly - via their mobile devices - for the purpose of activating & engaging consumers to perform brand, product and research related tasks in exchange for meaningful rewards. Create ‘Assignments’ and dispatch them to targeted users. Drive consumers into retail (or other) locations.

'The Last Mile' is the journey consumers make beginning at digital engagement and ending at a specific geographic location, a preferred point of experience where they see and handle a product, touch a product, take a photo of a product, interact with sales personnel, are activated/monetized at the point of sale, and experience the most intimate brand-driven experience most consumers have ever participated in.

Axcess can bring consumers 'The Last Mile'.

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The traditional photo booth has just been reinvented for the Internet era -- and it's a marketing monster!

SocialFoto is a completely customizable engagement and activation platform that allows users to capture and socially share attractively-branded photos/videos in real-time from events and retail locations.

Along with social media buzz, branding, data-capture and connections, SocialFoto enables businesses to deliver direct response offers and promotions both on the SocialFoto platform and beyond. Every picture that is taken, shared, published, and re-shared has your advertisements and offers attached for the ride.

Our next-generation photo kiosk gives everyone who stands in front of it a reason to share your brand messaging and imagery with their family, friends and followers -- and also a reason to share their personal contact information with your brand.

A fun, interactive experience, designed to engage customers and open up multiple new marketing avenues!

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Mingle - EMT - Engagement Media Technologies


Real-Time Social Media Engagement Like Never Before!

Mingle collates specific hashtag-related social media conversations from the major social media platforms and graphically renders them - with a WOW factor - for event-audience viewing and interaction.

Mingle ties social media and brand marketing strategies together in a real time, event friendly and exceedingly sleek fashion -- bringing interest and interaction from the entire world into your important brand moment!

Create unique and utterly complete brand immersion and engagement experiences that spark interest, trigger dialogue and provoke context-based interaction — exponentially!

Utilize Mingle wherever a social media conversation is occurring about your brand - or wherever you want one to be occurring!

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Social Tree Media

A turnkey and highly customizable hyper-local transactional marketplace!

The Social Tree Media platform is optimized for rapidly building a unique, 'hyper-local' business transaction presence in any specific community.

Social Tree Media's easily customizable digital infrastructure empowers our clients to quickly establish a noteworthy Internet presence in any town/city and rapidly position their business as a community thought leader capable of building a steady stream of local website traffic genuinely interested in the products being offered and ready to convert to sales.

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